Packing for an East African safari may be a mind boggling experience especially for a first time traveler. You are afraid of leaving out things that you might need or basically, you just don’t know what to take with you and what to leave behind. Previously, the standard baggage weight that was allowed on safari aircrafts going to the parks was 12 kg. Lately, they have increased it to between15 and 20 kg. However, this does not mean that you can carry everything in your house and bring it on safari. Here are some tips that will guide you as you pack for your East African safari.

Use a duffel bag

A frame-free, wheel-free sports bag (duffel bag) is ideal for use whenever you are going for safari. It fits properly in the aircraft’s baggage pod, and weighs less hence saves weight for the rest of your luggage.

Foot wear

You might want to carry heavy boots depending on when you decide to take your East African safari. In the event that you decide to take your safari during the rainy season, heavy boots will come in handy due to the mud that you will have to grapple with. The activities that you will carry out will also be a contributing factor to the kind of shoes you carry. For example, if you will take part in the walking safari and gorilla tracking, lightweight boots or trainers are ideal.

Take a few clothes

Fashion should be the last thing on your mind whenever you are packing for a safari holiday. Carry a few earth toned, lightweight loose fitting clothes. A good fleece blanket or jacket is also worth carrying to keep the cold at bay on early morning game drives. If you are worried about running out of clothes to wear, most safari camps and lodges provide laundry services. They usually pick the dirty laundry in the morning and return it cleaned later in the day.

In the event that your East African safari falls during the hot season, it is advisable that you carry a sun hat to shield you from the scorching sun. However, before you embark on the safari, we will have given you enough insight as pertaining the weather patterns of the East African region so that you will know what to bring along and what to leave behind.

Take a few toiletries

All the safari camps that we take you, supply you with toiletries. However, it does no harm carrying just as few for yourself. Things like sunscreen, contraceptives (for those on the pill), antihistamines, hand sanitizer and sanitary towels are among the toiletries that you ought to carry for yourself.

Tag along an iPad or tablet

iPads and tablets come in handy whenever you are going for safari. They allow you to download travel apps which carry your itinerary, plane tickets and emergency phone numbers. You may also download guidebooks and other animal guides on them, that will be very useful on your trip.

A camera is also worth having as it allows you to capture those nice shots that will always serve as a reminder of your safari. Another important gadget that you should carry is a flash light, as it enables you to find your way to your tent when it gets dark. You may also carry a binoculars and an electrical adaptor so that your gadgets batteries don’t run low on charge.

Any questions on packing for an East African safari ?

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