Shamanic Encounters: Maasai/Samburu spiritutual leaders

Shamanic Experience - Samburu and Maasai Spiritual encounter and exprience

During the advent of colonialism in Kenya, Olonona, then the spiritual leader of the Maasai foresaw the building of Kenya – Uganda railway. He told the Maasai ” There is a long snake made of metal coming all the way from Empaso (mombasa) to Il kapirondo (Kavirondo in Kisumu)”

The Maasai and samburu shamans do exist and they do play an important role in their communities. They are believed to wield special spiritual powers. They perform ceremonies to cleanse their communities, they advise their communities on what the future holds, the perfom special rituals to heal and cleanse their kinsmen. However, Very little is known of them from the modern quarters.

Take a break from a stressful world and venture into the spiritual world of the samburu and Maasai shamans (Oloiboni). The Shamans are believed to communicate in a special way with their ancestors through whom they obtain special powers to heal, remove demons, abilities to fore see the future, fore see disaster and fortunes. The Shamans are found among the maasai and Samburu and they have enormous knowledge and experience on nature, plants and trees with spiritual and medicinal value, they are also respected cultural leaders. NICE is an indigenous Maasai and Samburu operated tour operator with exclusive access and linkage to the Shamans.You are welcome to book a safari with us.