Maasai Experience

Safari type: Special combination
Duration: 12 days
Season: November – february [NB: Example]
Cost: 2568 USD per person for a group of maximum 6, minimum 3. Groups of not more than 6 are recommended.


The Laikipia Maasai are found on the north /west of Mt Kenya. They number slightly over 33,000 people and they were left behind when the colonialist forced the Maasai out of their ancestral lands in 1904 and 1911. They refused to move and have struggled to maintain their cultural heritage and they live a vibrant culture and life.

We welcome you to witness one of their traditional and spiritual ceremony. You are welcome to witness how an indigenous community regulates itself through traditional institutions of management and government.

About Maasai Cultural Heritage

The Maasai are an indigenous African ethnic group of semi-nomadic people located in Kenya and northern Tanzania. Due to their distinctive customs and dress and residence near the many game parks of East Africa, they are among the most well-known African ethnic groups internationally (…)

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  • Cultural excursions
  • participate in community life
  • camping in the pristine mukogodo forest
  • scenic safaris
  • walking and trekking safaris
  • camel safaris
  • filming and photography
  • bird watching.

Other activities

  • Traditional dances with warriors
  • site seeing
  • nature walks
  • forest adventure


Sample Itinerary

swimming-at-community-lodge_240.jpgDay 1: Arrive and transfer or fly to Lewa and transfer to Il ngwesi community lodge.

A unique lodge owned and operated by the Laikipia Maasai community, the Ilngwesi section.

It is a unique facility that is constructed of local natural resources and using indigenous Maasai skills.

Here they also train young Maasai warriors and ladies on hotel management and tour guiding among others skills.

Day 2: Visit a Maasai homestead, warm welcome and a traditional introduction and friendship bonding based on your age and gender.

You are “adopted” into the family, you are given a goat, heifer, sheep – depending on the family status. You accompany an experienced maasai herder to take the livestock out for grazing, learn about nature, birds, wild life and how to avoid dangerous ones.

Get back to the lodge and in the evening, join the Maasai Moran for the traditional dance.

Day 2: Experience nature on a Camel back with guidance with experienced Maasai warriors, nature observation walking safaris.

Come to the lodge for lunch. Relax and in the afternoon get back to the homestead and more learning, join the Maasai as they brand their livestock, children doing folklore stories and more dances.

Day 3: Whole day game drive at Lewa conservancy.
Day 4- 5: Samburu Game reserve, game drives and also visit the Samburu people (you can extend if time and budget allows)
Day 6: Ol Pejeta wildlife sanctuary and wild life areas
Day 7: Lake Nakuru
Day 8, 9, 10: The Maasai mara
Day 11: Nairobi
Day 12: Departures


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