NICE Safaris is an indigenous Community Based tour company; owned, operated and registered in Kenya.

NICE is established based on the Maasai and Samburu cultural heritage, indigenous skills and knowledge that has established values and norms that takes care for and respects the nature, environment, wildlife and the whole ecosystems.

NICE has therefore developed and sustained a niche in organizing Ethno-eco Travels among the Maasai and Samburu communities of Kenya.


Adventure Activities

An Alternative Adventure Outfit combining:
Cultural Heritage Tourism
Wild Escapes
Camel Treks
Study tours
Volunteer placement

Why Book with Us

We offer Tourism with a difference!

Alternative and pro-poor tourism that uses Maasai and Samburu local resources and indigenous skills.

Eco-tourism that respects, recognizes and appreciates the diverse Roles and Rights of indigenous communities in conservation and also a right to a decent income and livelihood.

100% Customizable

We offer uniquely tailored packages to suit our client needs and interests.
Tell us about your trip requirement. We'll work together to customize your trip to meet your exact requirement so that you have a memorable trip.

Value for Money

We offer a unique selling proposition where we ensure our clients meet
their value for money; i.e., wonderful experiences at an affordable cost
while they receive value-laden products and services.

Experiences Beyond Expectations

We offer uniquely crafted expeditions that will give you experiences that take you beyond your imagination, leaving your with indelible memories while ensuring you get the most out of you trip.

Professionalism & Commitment

Our staff are deeply committed, vastly trained and experienced to ensure your safari is affordable, gratifying and safe, while maintaining respect for indigenous people and the ecosystem we interact with.

No Hidden Charges

We don't add hidden extras cost. All trips include travel permit, lodging and fooding. There are no surprises with hidden costs.

TripAdvisor Multiple Award winning company

We've received Certificate of Excellence award from TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website.

Our Blog


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