Maasai Eco- Travels: Nature and Inter Cultural Expeditions (NICE)

Who We Are:

NICE Safaris is an indigenous Community Based, owned and operated company registered in Kenya that has developed and sustained a niche in organizing Eco Travels among the Maasai and Samburu communities of Kenya.

NICE is established based on the Maasai and Samburu cultural heritage, indigenous skills and knowledge that has established values and norms that takes care for and respects the nature, environment, wildlife and the whole ecosystems. The Maasai and Samburu have, over years, developed time –tested skills and knowledge that has helped them maintain a critical balance between their traditional lifestyles of keeping livestock, their rich and deep cultural heritage, the environment and the wildlife. They remain a pleasant and respectable people despite the odds and challenges.

We understand the savannah, rangelands and much more we ensure that the Maasai and the Samburu, who have tirelessly contributed to the heritage, Nature and Wildlife Conservation in Kenya realize the broad range of benefits from tourism.

NICE is specialized and skilled in organizing and facilitating study tours of any theme and subject. We have organized educational and study tours for students, human rights monitors and defenders, social justice activists, researchers, faith based organisations, media and development workers.

NICE safaris is specialized in organizing;

  • Nature and intercultural learning and safaris
  • Lifetime experiences
  • Educational visits
  • Interactive expeditions
  • leisure safaris
  • wildlife safaris
  • budget safaris
  • Maasai and Samburu community village stay and experience
  • We also organize internship and volunteer work and holiday.
  • Study Tours for Schools, Universities, NGOs, Communities, colleges: learning beyond the Class or formal set up

Values that motivate and guide our Safaris, Excursions and adventures:

  • We are Indigenous Maasai community based and fully owned and operated
  • We are local and promote use of local resources to alleviate poverty in an environmental friendly and sound way,
  • We believe that can Community based owned and operated Eco-tourism ventures can contribute and address to poverty alleviation and also address the power gap and imbalance between the rich and the poor using local initiatives and inter cultural connections,
  • We use locally owned and run accommodation that promotes creation of job opportunities and income necessary for stable family life and enables the community particularly women and children earn from safaris and wildlife conservation,
  • We use local produce, resources and skills.
  • We support local initiatives such as nature conservation, environmental awareness and education in schools and education for children from poor households and marginalized communities.
  • We believe in the Cultural Heritage and cultural rights for indigenous communities.
  • We recognize, respect and promote the indigenous skills, knowledge and practices of these communities
  • We promote cross-cultural experience, respect, understanding and Tolerance
  • We believe in, promote and respect human rights, indigenous people’s rights, environmental and conservation, promote and support cross cultural connections as a means for building deep understanding.

Our Vision:

To be the leading Ethno-ecotourism company in Africa

Our Mission:

We envisage contributing to poverty alleviation among the Indigenous Maasai and samburu communities through promotion of community based and owned ventures such as ethno- ecotourism, eco -safaris/study tours.

To promote self -fulfilling safaris and holidays through which our guests; individuals, families and groups draw satisfaction and happiness from the respect and value for the Maasai and Samburu communities, the environment and the wildlife Conservation.

To educate and encourage tourists and visitors to respect Maasai and Samburu heritage.

Our Team:

We have a Team of 7 dedicated, diligent and humble Indigenous Maasai and Samburu professional and intrepid Warrior guides spread over the Maasai and Samburu.

They speak fluent English, Samburu and Maa langauges.

They are experienced in walking/trekking safaris, cultural experience/immersion, camel trekking, birding, wildlife and much more they understand and know the Kenyan Savannah, Rangelands and traditional links with spiritual leaders of these two renowned communities.

Beside the guides, we also have experienced Maasai and Samburu Women who are experienced Tour consultants in Both the Nanyuki and Nairobi office. They are efficient and prepared to help you plan and realize the objectives of your safari, holiday and adventure.

Our Vehicles:

Our clients are privileged to enjoy maximum comfort in our well maintained, frequently serviced four-wheel drive land cruisers.

Our Request:
Assist us in protecting and conserving our wildlife and environment by shunning environmental degrading practices such as poaching and destruction of water catchment areas as a result of tree felling. Ensure that you always leave things in their natural setting in the course of your safari.

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